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Lose weight and stay healthy

For many people losing weight is more like a long term quest, a chronic undertaking which will never ever stop. This is usually because they are in this cycle of losing weight for a while, not maintaining it, and then gaining weight all over again. This is because of lack of motivation and being under a faulty weight loss program.

A good weight loss program helps you lose weight fast and healthy. It helps you to be consistent and it gives you the right motivation so as not to be tempted to go back to the lifestyle that made you fat. It has the capacity to help you stop the cycle!

We have here the best ways to have a long term weight loss. This will help you realize what simple things you’ve been ignoring all this time. These ways have proven to be very successful in weight loss and in promoting good health.

First of all you have to know how important exercise is. We are talking about the real thing here, not just those fancy gadgets that make you sweat while seating in your couch. This is nothing really new that’s why it is often disregarded. But this is the most important and effective way to lose weight. Everything else amounts to nothing if you won’t exercise.

Losing weight is fun and easy once you get hooked to exercising. You don’t have to give it a full throttle as you start. Take it easy, start with about 20 to 30 minutes every day. If it’s not yet possible then three 30-minute sessions per week will do. Do it with a friend or whoever it is you’re comfortable with. Don’t be too harsh on yourself when you exercise, enjoy!

You should also start modifying your diet. There are a lot of effective diet plans out there, Mediterranean and south beach to name some. But you should be careful for not all of them suites best for you and not all of them are true. Diet, like exercise requires some amount of discipline so it’s good to enjoy it because discipline alone sounds really boring! :-)

Have a journal where you can record what and how much you’ve eaten in a day. You can include specific emotions present, whether good or bad, it reminds you about the when, where and what of your food intake. This will also help you know if you are making any progress.

Focus on being healthy not just losing weight. This is the ultimate goal. Being healthy is everything; you’ll definitely look good and feel even better. It’s basically the reason why you want to lose weight; well maybe you have sex and better social status in mind, that’s fine because it comes with the package of being healthy.

Exercise and a healthy diet: these may sound old but these are still the best ways to lose weight!!

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Food cravings can be a pain in the ass once you start the whole process of losing weight. Of course the best way of losing weight would always require you to be under a healthy diet. There will be limitations in your food intake and your favorite foods are usually the target of these dietary restrictions.

You should know that if you really want to lose weight, there will be things that you’ll have to sacrifice for the greater good of yourself. Yes, your favorite food can be everything to you but it can be a very little thing when compared to a better health—a better you! This is a vital factor in the steps to lose weight fast so you better deal with it as soon as you start the dieting part of the process.

Don’t you worry too much; I have prepared these simple tips to stop food cravings so you’ll find it easier to do so. Just remember that on top of all these tips should be your determination to lose weight. If you are really determined, then food cravings can be suitably handled.

The very first thing that you should do is to stop eating out so often. All the foods that can stimulate your cravings are out there and you can easily get them in no time. You should start preparing your own meals, in this way you’ll know exactly what you’re eating and its amount. And it is actually enjoyable to prepare nutritious foods considering the thousands of recipes you can make out of them. You can still eat out once a week or in certain occasions.

It is also important for you to know that a healthy diet doesn’t mean starving yourself. You are losing weight and you don’t deserve to be hungry! You still have to eat the right food at the right time. Small frequent meals are the key.

Don’t punish your taste buds! Eating bland foods will only increase your cravings and make your dieting a negative experience. Healthy foods seasoned by different spices and herbs are all you need. Have a variety of delightful fruits as your snacks or desserts. Enjoy!

Also, another tip would be doing a lot of things to keep your mind off foods and cravings. Go out, exercise, meet people, and be active! Your life isn’t only about your favorite food; you can be anything, so start doing something!

And if things really get so nasty that you can no longer control your cravings, know that we are only human; give in for just a little while. You can take a bite of your chocolate or have a spoon or two of that ice cream and then MOVE ON!

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You are what you eat. Do you agree with that? I do. The food that you eat directly affects the way you look and even the way you feel about yourself. So if you’re looking forward to look good then you better eat good food. It’s actually as simple as that.

Eating good food is indeed the key towards a better health. You should also know that good food is delicious and very enjoyable. Once you have an idea of the kind of food that works best for you, you’ll see how exciting it can be. You’ll be able to discover new recipes every now and then. There is definitely fun in healthy eating!

If you are particularly into losing weight the healthy way then you better take note of the foods which will be discussed below. These will serve as a guide as you start to choose or figure out a diet plan for you.

You should start out by having a lot of fresh fruits around you. Apples and berries are good choices. Studies have shown that these fruits can help limit your body’s absorption of fats. So the more you eat apples and berries, the lesser fats you have.

Another set of fruits that you should consider having around you are those from the citrus family. Oranges, grapes and lemons are the best examples of this. Wow that’s a lot of juice for you! They are also rich in vitamin C which has fat burning properties.

Think about the recipes you can make out of berries and the citrus fruits. You can have it at breakfast or at any time of the day. These fruits are also good in maintaining cholesterol levels in your body.

Other foods that can help you get rid of fats are the soybeans. Have you heard of lecithin? These chemicals are found in soybeans and can help your body get rid of fats. You don’t have to eat this everyday. Twice a week is good.

Also garlic and garlic oil has a very effective fat burning and antibiotic property. You don’t actually have to eat garlic exclusively. You can just make it an important ingredient in you’re salad or in your main dish. You don’t have to deal with its taste to make you healthy! :-)

And lastly are the famous green leafy vegetables. They are very rich in fiber and can give you the energy you’ll need for the rest of the fitness program. If you have these all in your diet then you better get ready to look good!

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There are healthy and unhealthy ways to lose weight. Of course the healthy ways are way better than the unhealthy ways. If you lose weight healthily you get the extra advantages of looking alive rather than looking sick and feeling great rather than feeling awful every single day.

Remember that the ultimate goal in losing weight is to make you healthy from the inside. If you are in good condition from your inside everything else will follow in the outside. If you know how to lose weight the healthy way then you’ll feel good as you look better each day. Everyone else will see they new, brighter, more alive you!

And if you have more things in mind than just losing weight like shaping up and working on having a perfect set of abs then you REALLY REALLY need to be healthy. A sick body usually can’t withstand the pressures associated with working your body out. Even if you do manage to get in shape it will take much, much longer, and be at the expense of your quality of life.

  • Here are the healthy ways to lose weight:
  • Don’t starve yourself. Your body needs vitamins and nutrients in all your activities, but especially in working out. These vitamins and nutrients can only be found in good food.
  • Have 5 to 6 small meals every day. It really helps in suppressing your appetite, and keeping your blood sugar levels consistent.
  • Have a healthy diet, limit your alcohol intake, and stop eating your friendliest enemy—junk foods!
  • Rehydrate and detoxify yourself by drinking lots of water daily.
  • Exercise everyday. Don’t use fancy gadgets or hi tech machines that promise quick results with no effort. They are not as effective as you working your ass off out there!
  • Take a moment to rest in between your exercise routines. It helps in repairing muscles. And sleep well at night. Deep sleep is where your body’s ability to get in shape increases.

There you have it—facts. Proven and tested to be effective. Of course there are more specific things that should be considered as you start losing weight but as long as you have these basic facts in mind you will always be HEALTHY!